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Hab mir noch mal Rat bei Tim Meek geholt, den Elektronikguru im E32 Forum in England, hier die Antwort:

The sensors on ignition leads 6 and 12 are not there to disrupt the injector duration, they are there to identify the camshaft position and are a direct forerunner of the camshaft sensor. The sensors are called 'cylinder identification sensors' and detect when cylinders 6 or 12 fire, they do not measure the primary circuit, how could they, they are stuck on the ignition leads! This is not part of the EML system, any failure will not light the EML indicator. It is a basic ECU input that is found on straight-6's that do not have EML as well as EML variants of both the M30 and M70.

Without the cylinder identification sensors, the ECU's do not know which of the two unique revolutions the crankshaft is on. This does not matter to the ignition as the spark is directed to the correct cylinder by the distributor. It does matter to the injection circuits which should fire every two crankshaft revolutions or every one camshaft revolution.

During cranking the only reference signal is the crankshaft sensor and 'double injection' is maintained until the ignition from cylinders 6 and 12 are detected. From this point on the ECU is aware of the correct camshaft position and can fire the injectors every two crankshaft revolutions. If the cylinder identification sensors fail to detect ignition pulses then the injectors continue to fire every crankshaft revolution but the injector duration is reduced to prevent damage to the catalytic converters.
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