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war jetzt ueber einige Wochen mit jemandem in Texas in Kontakt, der das Problem hatte, dass die EML Leuchte ueberhaupt nicht an ging, heute diese email, es lag am defekten Kabelstrang im Motorraum unter dem Expansionsbehaelter Kuehlmittel, der ueber Jahre wohl leckte und den Kabelkanal zerstoert hat, hier mit Bild:

The car drove ( leaked all fluid in a matter of 100feet) but it was in Fail Safe mode. I changed cluster tranny, eml, abs, dml modules and nothing changed. A new AST switch fixed the blinking ast light. Soo i still had no EML light and no tranny gear display.
Clean all connectors, new crank triggers, A new a-m switch, mine was broken inside, and cleaning the shifter select mechanism solved the tranny gear display issue in the cluster. then VOILA, car had gear shifter display in cluster then car went to limp mode.
Least it was drivable in fail safe mode. Engine runs and starts very well! in fail safe mode car is smooth. slow but smooth, all new plugs burning well.

a week off work playing with car, swapping every major component and blindly screwing around got me no where.

Found BMW repair manual with diagnostics and theory or operation. and i was in business.

EML light always gets power from fuse block. ALWAYS key on or key off.
The EML computer always sends the EML led lights 12volts giving a potenial difference of 0volts therefor no light coming on. upon start up the EML ecu switches that wire from +12volts to ground and then the EML light comes on. The ECU then measures resistance and says "cool the lights work" then gives the LEDs +12v again shutting the lights off. In a fault it has to know that it can be able to signal the driver there is a problem... Okay thats easy enough. Easy.

check the under dash connector, +12v. check at connector at cluster, +12v. check at both sides of both LEDs +12v. check at connector at cluster, +12v, check at connector in engine bay ( big round one beside diagnostics) +12v at both pins. check continuity between plug and EML connector. Nothing.

The antifreeze housing has that nice little catch lip and little hole dumping antifreeze on the firewall. Yep right on top of the main engine harness. After years of being in 100f heat in texas the harness was compromised and allowed water / antifreeze in.

All the splices that were in that harness were corroded, but the EML splice was the only one that had had failed completely. I had to cut back 8 inches to get to "clean" wire and soldered and heat shrunk the eml and all the other splices there. Bought some self sealing wiring harness wrap sealed it all back up and voile car is running 100%.

Maybe keep it in the back of your mind if you ever get into another one of these cars.
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