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The fascinating power of production.
Production of the BMW 7series in Dingolfing (Germany)

The fascinating power of production

The BMW Plant in Dingolfing: Flexible manufacture of automobiles at its finest.

From the steel roll to the body-in-white.

Throwing a glance at colours.

Customized for the customer.

Making available superior comfort – The production of seats exemplified.

Quick processes: Punctual, prompt, appropriate.

The BMW Plant in Dingolfing: A survey – Milestones on the way to success.

General conspectus: Pictures from the BMW Plant in Dingolfing


The BMW Plant in Dingolfing, which is about 100 kilometres east of Munich, is the biggest production facility of the BMW Group. Approximately 21,000 people are employed at the Dingolfing Plant, where they manufacture up to 1,300 units per day, that is 280,000automobiles a year.

The Dingolfing Plant took up production in September 1973. Approximately 5.5 million BMW automobiles have come off the production lines since then – all 5 Series and 7 Series generations produced up to now, the 6 Series and 8 Series models as well as now and again 3 Series models (in dependence of the demand on the market) have been manufactured there.

The Dingolfing Plant has a most flexible layout in order to meet the demands of its highly diversified production. Various model series – sometimes up to four different ones – are run on one single assembly line, and this is rather the rule than the exception at the Dingolfing Plant. At the moment the Dingolfing Plant is in charge of the production of all 5 Series and 7 Series models, the assembly of some of the 3 Series models and the production of the painted body of the Z8 Roadster, which is later passed on to the Munich plant for completion and final assembly. For many years the Dingolfing Plant has done a competent job when processing aluminium, which is essential in the manufacture of complete aluminium bodies.

The Dingolfing Plant, which is integrated into the BMW Group’s worldwide network of production, does not only produce automobiles, but also delivers to the other plants parts and components – such as suspensions and pressed parts. On the other hand, the BMW plants in Munich and Steyr/Austria provide the Dingolfing Plant with engines. The Landshut Plant delivers, inter alia, propeller shafts and shock absorbers.

Moreover, the BMW Plant in Dingolfing comprises the central parts store of the worldwide BMW trading organization. Each day nearly 100 lorries and several dozens of railway carriages leave the component supply centre in Dingolfing and set off for more than130 different countries the world over having a cargo of original BMW spare parts.

The Dingolfing Plant not only excels in its flexibility but also enjoys an excellent reputation as far as the quality of work is concerned. Each year this reputation is verified by the American market researchers "J. D. Power and Associates" with the bestowal of the renowned J. D. Power Plant Awards. Meanwhile this award for outstanding quality has been given four times in a row and altogether five times to the BMW Plant in Dingolfing.

As quality, flexibility and productivity call for highly qualified associates, the proportion of skilled workers in the Dingolfing Plant is about 80 percent. In addition to that, the permanent investment of money in the development of technologies as well as production processes result in the constant creation of new manufacturing methods and make the plant a technological forerunner that always makes use of the very latest technologies. This fact is illustrated by the following example: The BMW Plant in Dingolfing is the only plant worldwide to use the powder-based clear coat technology. Between 1999 and 2004 about 2.2 billion Euros were invested in the BMW Plant in Dingolfing, amongst other things in the development of cutting-edge technologies and methods.

The most recent product within the Dingolfing line of products is the new 7 Series model that entered series production in July 2001. The start of production coincided with the initial use of a new high rise store, which makes possible the realization of the so -called customer-oriented sales and production process (KOVP). Thanks to the intermediate storage of painted bodies the allocation of orders can be postponed to the start of assembly, thus enabling the customer to alter his order up to 12 days before delivery within Germany.

The permanent update of all production processes at the Dingolfing Plant is a prerequisite for the production of highly complex automobiles like the new BMW 7 Series model. In addition to that, it strengthens the position of the plant within the worldwide production network.

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Source: BMW Group. March 2002.

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