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Modell E65/66
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Fascination Technology. High-Tech in the BMW 7series
Double guided cable window regulator from Brose for the BMW 7series

Power window regulators from Brose

As the worldwide technological and market leader with more than 70 years of experience, we equip every fifth vehicle worldwide with our window regulator systems.
Brose was the first manufacturer to supply power controlled units for window regulators in series production. This window regulator electronic system provides additional convenience as well as protecting passengers against sustaining severe injuries if, for example, fingers get caught in the closing window. Trend-setting innovations in mechanics, electrics and electronics have shaped our success.

Competence development window regulators

Brose has over 70 years' experience in the window regulator business. In the twenties, the automotive supplier produced window crank equipment which even at that time was very future-oriented. Furthermore, the company's founder, Max Brose, purchased the patent for "wrap sling brake" from the Detroit company, Ternstedt, which was later to become General Motors. The wrap spring brake make in possible to hold a car window in an open position. The folding-side window was a thing of the past. At that time, competitors were only able to supply a free-wheel brake.

As there was an ever-increasing demand for the wrap spring brake, Brose soon held the leading market position in window regulators, the brand name of which was "ATLAS".


Less weight, more comfort - window regulators in the 7series

Coburg/Germany. From the many years of experience and close cooperation with Brose, BMW is once again with its 7 series model pinning high hopes on the automotive supplier’s efficiency. Brose’s power window regulators contribute greatly to the comfort provided in the new BMW luxury segment.

Brose's double guided cable window regulator for the front doors of the BMW 7series

Brose’s double guided cable window regulator for the front doors of the BMW 7 series (E65/E66)







With the new window regulators, integrating technical developments made since the predecessor model in the previous 7 series, Brose is continuing the development BMW wishes to pursue toward a light-weight construction. By using aluminum, Brose has succeeded in reducing weight substantially: despite an increase in technical comfort and detail, the complete window regulator set in the front and rear doors generates extraordinary savings in weight of about 2.5 kg per vehicle.

Like in the previous model, the Brose power window regulator is located between the door outer panel and glass, thus maximizing the space in the door. The door trim, for example, provides enough space for large storage pockets, loudspeakers and soundboxes.

Double guided cable window regulators are to be found in the front doors. In the rear area, there are single guided variants. An additional compression spring integrated into the window regulator ensures additional safety. It optimizes the reaction time of the window regulator electronics and provides indirect anti-trap protection, thus meeting all iSingle guided window regulators for the rear doors of the BMW 7seriesnternational legal requirements.

Single guided window regulators for the rear doors.


The second special feature of the new Brose window regulator in BMW 7 series is the semi-conductor bridge integrated into the window regulator motor. It improves the comfort of the window regulator by generating a non-jarring noise when active as well as reducing noise at the bottom limit stop. It also ensures there are no harsh starts or stops.

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