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Siemens VDO Supplies Navigation System With Internet Connection

Siemens VDO Supplies Navigation System With Internet Connection And Instrument Cluster For The New BMW 7 Series

FRANKFURT, Germany, Sept. 11, 2001 – Siemens VDO Automotive's innovative iDrive driver information system being featured in the new BMW 7 Series is setting new standards in ergonomics and ease of operation.

With a new focus on the human-machine interface, iDrive redefines driver-oriented ergonomics in the new BMW 7 Series. More than 700 possible system operating functions have been structured into three intuitive levels, prioritized on importance and frequency of use. Siemens VDO has made a major contribution toward the holistic concept of iDrive with regard to the navigation system and instrument cluster design.

iDrive Monitor in the BMW 7seriesIn its second decade as a supplier of navigation systems to BMW, Siemens VDO's contribution to iDrive has resulted in high-precision specified destination guidance combined with optimized ease of use for destination input and selection.

In the new 7 Series, the innovative navigation system is the first to be linked to the new BMW Internet gateway. Travellers now can check the weather at the driver’s destination and call up addresses of destinations using Wireless Access Protocol (WAP). Points of interest, such as hotels or restaurants, can be transferred to the navigation system and selected as a destination at the push of a button.

Equally key to the successful implementation of iDrive is the Siemens VDO-developed instrument cluster, which combines the aesthetics of analog instrumentation with the presentation possibilities offered by new LCD display technology. Vehicle speed and engine revolutions are displayed in classic round instruments with gauge and pointer designs. Included in the cluster design is a display on which information from the navigation system or adaptive cruise control can be shown. Individual displays of the on-board computer also can be configured so the most important information is in the driver’s sphere of vision in an effort to minimize distraction.

Additional Siemens VDO technologies included on the new BMW 7 Series include: airbag electronic control units, engine management control electronics for the six-cylinder engines; electric window lift motors; the central locking system and sensors for the ABS and drive-by-wire actuators.

The new vehicle also features the Siemens VDO antenna tuner with direct digital link through the optical (MOST) bus for outstanding audio quality for radio reception.

Siemens VDO Automotive is one of the world's leading suppliers of electronics, electrical and mechatronic technologies to the automotive industry. As a development partner in the automotive industry, the company manufactures products for powertrain, engine control electronics and fuel injection technology which improve engine performance and reduce emissions. The company is a market leader in information and car communication systems with instrumentation, audio and navigation systems, telematics and multimedia applications, through to complete cockpits. Siemens VDO Automotive products for chassis and carbody contribute to greater vehicle safety and security. These products include ABS and fuel tank systems and access control systems. A separate Trading/After Market division markets products for retrofitting in cars and commercial vehicles. The company was created in April 2001 as a result of the merger between Siemens Automotive and Mannesmann VDO.


Siemens VDO

The company's parent organization, Siemens AG, is headquartered in Berlin and Munich and is a leading global electronics and engineering company, employing over 447,000 people in 193 countries, with worldwide sales in excess of $74 billion in fiscal 2000 (10/1/99 - 9/30/00). The United States is Siemens' largest market, where it employs over 73,000 and recorded sales of more than $17 billion in fiscal 2000.

Press-Information 09-12-2001

Further Infos:

Siemens Automotive Corporation
Communications Department
2400 Executive Hills Blvd
Auburn Hills, MI 48326, USA
Contact: David Ladd
(248) 209-5822
or Brad Warner
(248) 209-5826
Internet: http://media.siemensauto.com/

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